Season premiere…

I’ve entered me and Jargo to a 35 km ride in June! Season’s first and actually my first real competition in the sport. It’ll be in Dorset and I’m really looking forward to it! There was also a 45 km one but I think a 35k is reasonable to start with. A 40k ride is very doable for any horse that is being hacked a couple of times a week, so I’m sure we will be able to go around it! There will be some river crossings but I’m not too concerned about that 😄 I’m really looking forward to it! Sadly there have been so many cancelled rides in the area and I need to start getting into the sport if I’m going to advance to Open level next year!

Jargo is ready.


Starting and schooling a young horse is one of the most exciting things! Rollo is three and even though he has a long way to go when it comes to physical maturity, I have now chosen to introduce the idea of being trained in saddle for this little guy. The first steps are to just steer and stop, and my sessions are brief, about 10 min.

Jargo on the other hand is now so mature and strong that I can ask more of her. Today we worked a bit on transitions, just to get that idea of collection going! 🙂

Summer is coming!

Or… spring? I’m looking forward to the weather improving with longer evenings -it’ll be ideal when I start the horses for the season’s events! I need to keep schooling sessions brief at the moment, but it is suitable to starting them easy. Jargo did phenomenally yesterday, and I’m sure her back muscles will impove quickly as she works in such a positive way! 20 min might be short but it was definitely a good session!

2021 Plans.

The horses have had quite the winter holiday 😊 They’ve become very sociable, and despite the fact that they are out with other horses, they know they belong to the same herd… My herd ❤ What this year will be is quite open, with regards to the current situation in the UK, but I’m hoping to get some outings with Jargonaut at least. Hopefully summer will arrive soon! 🌞

Team Snowelf Racing!

And a thought: it seems really popular in the UK to pull the mane and tail of a horse. It is something I would never do to my horses, if I do need to trim them I use scissors. I mean, how nice would it be to pull your own hair? I strongly doubt that horses are non-sensitive to hair pulling, and it looks really ugly anyway… 🤣

A natural tail, trimmed only at the end with scissors when it grows long enough to get caught on the ground. No one will pull my horses manes or tails! 😂🐴

Sewing projects 1.

I’ve been sewing some things in anticipation of the new arrival and here are a few things produced 🙂 (Some are not completely finished on the pics!) But I have to say, it is so nice to have a sewing machine! 🤗 I bought some nice fabrics from and got some nice elastic jersey fabrics from there, so will continue sewing some more baby clothes. Sewing your own clothes can really complement a wardrobe of bought/inherited clothes!

Sewing: Christmas gift bags. And decorative stars.

I got a new sewing machine to play with and have so many projects in mind! First thing I did was to repair all of my clothes which needed it! 😅 And second I did make a Christmas gift bag! I think there is almost nothing better when gift giving to obtain the gift in homemade non-wrapping-paper bags made out of nice organic fabric…! This was my first attempt so it didn’t become perfect but… I’m really happy with the look of it still 😊

Homemade Chridtmas gift bag, not perfect, but special.

I also made some Christmas decoration to put up in December – I know, it’s early… but Christmas has always been special to me (especially the smell of newly baked gingerbread cookies…!), and this year has kind of sucked a bit so… I started early. So I made two homemade paper Christmas stars to hang up in the house. I might put some red ribbon or something on the paperbag star (12 paperbags, scissors, glue, string), to make it a bit happier looking. The silver star was made from heavy print paper (5 sheets) using scissors, tape (will use glue next time), silver spray, string. I will also get some LED lights to put into them to make them a bit more Christmassy. In December.

1.30 m clear

Jargo might have some talent for showjumping after all… I put up some bars for her and progressively put them higher and she finally jumped 1.30 m, without any bigger complications so I’m confident I can compete in the lower classes with her in the future. That is positive at least! She is small, but she is improving her technique every time I put some bars up! Below you can see her clear 1.30 m!

Baby Race today!


I’m so excited about Rollo’s baby race! He is running in race 14 at HalmstadTravet racing venue at 18PM Swedish time. It will be a thrill to see him, and I hope it all goes well, with no canter breaks or nervousness! The little one is so grown up!

The little one is so grown up! I feel so delighted to see him enter the race track! A dream coming true =)

Update: Rollo got a canter soon after the starting line and ended up being 0.2 seconds too slow! But he got to experience a “real” race and he’s also getting a new attempt at passing his baby race later in the week! Fingers and toes crossed it goes better on Sunday! Nonetheless, it was so lovely to see him! ❤

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